Licensing Q&A

Licensing FAQ


No, the fonts are exactly the same. Just a different license.

We currently release more traditional, parcelled, licenses (i.e. Desktop, Web, App) for our typefaces with our friends at Type Network.

Yes! Your client should be the license owner however. You can indicate this during checkout by inputting the affiliated organization.

As long as the fonts are only used on projects for the license owning client, you may use them without purchasing a license. If you use the fonts for anything else you must purchase an additional license.

Of course. You can upgrade the license by paying the difference between the license purchased and the cost of the new license. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your license.

Yes, if the business involved grows in size to have more employees than covered by the license, you will be required to upgrade the license. The cost of the new license will be deducted from the new one. Please contact us to upgrade the license.

Contractors are not considered employees and may use the fonts at no additional cost. They must however delete their copy once they are done with the project.

Indubitably. (Yes)

As long as the font is not the primary design element on the product and is not the basis for the primary value of the product. Please see our Licensing page to find out more, or email us at to see if your product falls into the category of Alphabet Products.

Yes. No limits to site numbers, site pages. Just make sure to purchase a license that corresponds accurately to your company.

Yes. The license however must be purchased in the name of the final client and accurately reflect the number of employees they have.

Please contact us for custom licensing at

Please get in touch if there is something that you need.

You will probably need a custom license. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Custom Typefaces

Yes! We accept commissions for custom typeface designs, logos/ word-marks, or modifications on our existing typefaces. Please get in touch with a small blurb on what the scope of your project looks like.

Yes. Often times, it is much more cost effective to modify an existing typeface and is a great way to get a unique flavour of your favourite typeface. For inquiries please contact us at

Tech and Support

Our manic is derived from the typographic term for a little hand; manicule or manicula. So our foundry kiiiinnnd of means ‘hand type’, but Hand Type doesn’t sound as cool. So, Manic Type. Cause we’re edgy, nerdy, and handy.

Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for software licenses. If, however, it is a technical problem, please do get in touch! We want you to be happy with your purchase.


If you would like to pay for your Licenses in CAD at a discounted cost please contact us at We appreciate you.